Maori hacker ??????????

Disclaimer: Personal opinion only.

With some amusement i read the NZ herald article that claimed one of the so called Maori terrorists (whom may i add is not charged under the Terrorism Act) was known as “Bl@ckmask”, and he/she hacked the National Party web site.

First of all, i wonder how an audio device can ascertain between an “a” and an “@” ?.

Secondly, i do not doubt this countries surveliance, but surley a little investigation would reveal that “BlackMask” is actually a political hacktavist group, with no direct Maori connection. For example, a Google search will reveal as the first hit of “BlackMask”. Is it possible that we had a single person trying to inflate thier ego ?.

Surley, if an internatioanl hacktavist group were informed that an individual was pertaining to be them, the hacktavist group would retalitate ?.

My personal opinion, is because we have a Maori IT Manager involved with this group, that he/she must be an hacker!. It plays on peoples perceptions that a Maori IT professional must be an hacker. I have been a victim of the same steryotype. That a sucessful IT Maori must be an hacker, just like they see in the movies 🙂 .

My personal beleif is that, as Maori, we need to become part of the system and then fight it, not oppose it and fight from outside. Just a little study in history of minority oppresed will reveal this.
Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Malcom X etc.

As i understand it, the IT Manager, who may be the pesron who is accuesed of hacking National Party web site, can no longer work for the compnay he/she was once employed at, becasue of the acusations. Yet, the non profit organisations he/she was associated with, will back him/her until proven guilty.

Surley any political party in NZ, has the ability to trace a hack on thier web site. If not, i have grave concerns about this countries security resources.

As always, i am prepared to be shown that my opinion is incorect.

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