Māori language and Web 2.0

Although I am no longer involved with promotion of the Māori language via technology it is one of those things where the brain still has new ideas. One of them was to use Māori language in all social media for a day.
Today in Twitter from @keoladonaghy  I received this link http://bit.ly/2kFGO for the Hawaiian language. Not as comprehensive as I would suggest for NZ Māori, but I am excited to see this and will support it.
There are so many benefits to this simple and innovative fun project. 
· It puts the language into a daily and social context
· It takes the language to an international level
· Encourages more people to speak the language if they see their mates do it
· Raises a general awareness of multilingualism.
I am now putting a tono to all Māori language providers and Iwi organisations to do the same thing. It would be a great Māori language day or week initiative if you are after a prize. But more importantly this is the technology many young Māori utlilise and a way to show the International world what is Māori language and a chance to make it cool and usable even in the social side of the web.
Māori are more likely to use Bebo and less likely to use Twitter, but suggesting using te reo Māori in all social media for a day would be a great idea. For Bloggers to write a small blog in te reo Māori, Tweets, FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 and Instant Messaging status in te reo Māori would be a great start and a small video of a mihi or similar for YouTube. Preferably in a YouTube Channel or group.
Then as Olelo Kanaka suggests, FriendFeed.com. I would take it a step further and suggest that a FriendFeed Room is established so that everyone who is participating can join that room and see what everyone else is writing about. Maybe it will by default create new language networks but it will certainly promoite Māori.


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