.maori.nz statistics for Dec 2011

The Domain Name Commissioner released her monthly statistics on .nz domain names for December 2012. The details and summaries are below including my commentary.

.maori.nz / māori.nz
663 registered .maori.nz names in December 2011 compared to 621 in December 2010.

There were 82 renewals, 8 new registrations for December 2011 with 12 new registrations and 97 renewals in December 2010.

This is a small steady increase with .maori.nz domain name registrations.

77 registered .iwi.nz with an increase of one new registration since December 2010. There have been a number of new applications that were declined as they were non Iwi organisations and one Iwi organisation that did not meet the .iwi.nz criteria.

Of the 14 .nz domain names with a .nz extension, .maori.nz / .māori.nz is the 9th ranked registered domain from. The most popular is, .co.nz with 404, 175 registrations. The least popular is .parliament with only 8 registrations of which all 8 were renewed in the month of December.

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