NZ Maori Internet Society (NZMIS)

In regards to the NZ Maori Internet Society (NZMIS) of which I have been the Chair of since 1999 with a 3 year break. I restructured the Chair role into two co-positions “International/Internet Governance” and “National/Organisation Building”. Teanau Tuiono is now the co-chair of NZMIS assuming the National/ Organisation Building role while I resume with International and Internet governance portfolios. For those regular readers of my blog, you will know that i believe that a leadership role should evolve with circumstances. This is what i have done.

There will of course be shared operational roles. But the split in roles has ensured the best person possible is in charge of the individual portfolios. I have worked with Teanau within NZMIS for several years and value his passion and commitment not to mention his legal mind set.

Essentially, NZMIS grew out of a national body into an international group with several key international partnerships. As a result it became necessary to adapt to this change. Likewise, NZMIS is also engaging in a Web 2.0 campaign to recognise that the Internet has also greatly changed over the years.

Being the chair for so long also installs the impression that I am NZMIS. I do not see this as always being a healthy image for an organisation.

The two positions I believe is the only way forward for NZMIS to grow and prosper new ideas and new membership. When NZMIS was first incorporated, we had the one goal of creating a Maori identity online and to create . Both of which are not an issue anymore and having is just another domain within .nz (which is a great perception). Perhaps the only small issue is the introduction of IDN’s into the .nz space, which is well underway to being implemented, probably after international IDN implementation.

NZMIS is also scouting for additional executive members and supporting members. I am available to talk to anyone who may be interested.

Also, considering there is a gross miss representation of Maori/PI and Indigenous Peoples in Internet governance – if anyone is interested in Internet governance from an AP or Indigenous point of view I am available to assist in training if you are willing to assist NZMIS in this area. Again, please contact me.


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  1. Bernadette (Tuki) says:

    Wow….just having a nostalgic trip…lol

  2. Bernadette (Tuki) says:

    Wow….just having a nostalgic trip…lol

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